At Freeman’s Endowed CE Junior Academy, our Computing curriculum is designed to equip our pupils with skills they will use throughout their everyday lives. With technology playing such a significant role in society today, we believe ‘Computational thinking’ is a skill children must be taught if they are to be able to participate effectively and safely in this digital world. Therefore, we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We want our pupils to be creators and our broad curriculum encompassing computer science, information technology and digital literacy reflects this.

Through high quality teaching, our curriculum will give pupils the opportunity to apply their knowledge creatively which will in turn help our pupils become skillful computer scientists. We encourage staff to try and embed computing across the whole curriculum to make learning creative and accessible. We want our pupils to be fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding and to build children’s independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil the task and challenges set by teachers.

We teach a curriculum that enables children to become effective users of technology who can:   

  • Be responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.
  • Understand and apply the essential principles and concepts of Computer Science, including logic, algorithms and data representation.
  • Evaluate and apply information technology analytically to solve problems.
  • Communicate ideas well by utilising appliances and devices throughout all areas of the curriculum. 
  • Become digitally literate and be active participants in a digital world. 



Computing at Freeman's

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