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Hinduism is one of the world's oldest and largest religions.  We have been learning how it originated near the River Indus in India about 4,000 years ago and now has around 750 million followers worldwide.  

We put our Geography skills to good use, identifying countries across the globe with a large Hindu population.  Within Wellingborough itself, Hinduism is the second largest religion after Christianity according to census data.

We looked at the country of India and what the culture and climate is like there.  We were able to look at some real Indian wedding outfits brought in by a member of staff, which gave us a taster of some of the traditions there.


In class, Year 6 discussed leadership.  We agreed that whilst some leaders are elected or born into a position of leadership, others are inspired to become leaders, such as in the religion of Sikhism.

Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus (teachers), was recognised by many to have been marked by divine grace from birth.  We learned one particular childhood account about him in which he slept under a tree.  As the day passed, the sun moved until the tree could no longer shade Nanak from its hot rays.  A hooded cobra saw Nanak sleeping, but instead of striking him, it sensed God's presence and shaded Nanak, protecting him from harm.  

Guru Nanak taught that there is only one God and that all human beings can have direct access to him.  He taught that everyone is equal regardless of class or gender.  Millions of people follow the Sikh religion and are still inspired by Guru Nanak today.

As part of this term's study of Islam, Year 3 have been learning about the 99 names of Allah (God) as found in the Quran.  Each name describes an attribute of Allah such as The Most Merciful and The King.  The children produced beautifully decorated plaques illustrating one of those names, some of which are now on display in our classrooms. 

We also learned about Islamic prayer beads in class, noting that they contain 99 beads, representing each name of Allah.  Some sets contain 33 beads, in which case they can be cycled through three times during prayer.


During Summer 1, Year 3 will learn about Islam, looking at the five pillars of the Muslim faith and thinking about what difference it makes to base a life upon these key principles.  In Summer 2, the children will undertake their final Christianity unit of work for the year, 'Creation and Fall', looking at what Christians learn from the Creation story in Genesis.



Year 4 will look at how what Christians believe influences what they do.  In particular, there will be an emphasis on looking at the lives of influential Christians, both from the Bible and from more recent times.  The children will have the opportunity to look at some Christian charities as well as to consider how their own beliefs can impact on the things they personally choose to do in life.



Year 5 will be learning about different aspects of Hinduism.  They will consider the origins of this world faith before looking at what Hindus believe about God.  They will be taught about a range of Hindu deities, including well-known stories about them.  The children will then go on to learn about Hindu worship both at home and in a Mandir, and will look at sacred Hindu scriptures.



Our summer term topic for Year 6 is called, 'Sikhism in Britain'.  The children will look at how Sikhism was founded, including a study of the founder, Guru Nanak.  They will learn about what difference being a Sikh makes to believers’ lives.  They will study important aspects of the Sikh faith, such as their places of worship.

Christian Church leaders, such as vicars, priests and ministers are very important in helping Christians to follow Jesus' example.  They study the Bible and teach their congregations about what it means, showing others how Jesus would want them to live their lives. 

We have learned about the wide range of activities which they are involved in in their churches and communities, from preaching to taking weddings and funerals, to supporting charitable events and talking to people about Jesus.  

The Year 4 children created Wanted! posters, advertsing for the best church leader ever.  They were tasked with showing the attributes needed, activities they would be required to do and how they shoud be willing to live as Jesus lived.

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