Throughout our topic this half term, we will be looking at how we can be healthy. During P.E sessions we will be participating in circuit training classes.  The children will be challenging themselves to improve on their results each week.  We will be discussing the positive impact exercise has on our physical and mental well being.

Pupils will have the opportunity to lead warm up and cool down exercises over the coming weeks. During these leadership sessions, children will be supported to explain why they are choosing each movemement and which muscles they are using.

The children were surprised by how tired they were after some of the activities, but were determined to do their best.

 Dennisa said “Sit ups are hard, I haven’t done many yet. I’m going to try to do more next week.”

It was incredibly pleasing to see how supportive the children were of each other. Offering guidance and encouragement all the time.

Year 4 Curriculum Maps

Home Learning

Year 4 are given weekly homework that is set on a Thursday and should be handed back in for marking by the following Wednesday. The homework will be a variety of Maths, English and topic activities. The children will also be given a weekly spelling pattern to learn, which is not tested in a set test but observed in their writing. Children are expected to read every day and have their reading diaries signed with comments as necessary. This should be handed in every day.  Rewards are given weekly for those meeting our reading expectations.

How you can help

Please continue to support your child by encouraging them to read a wide variety of genres (poetry, information texts, fiction including adventure, historical stories, diary style books and fantasy) and to read daily.  A suggested reading list is available. They should also be discussing their reading with an adult on a regular basis.  Ideas for questions can be found in their reading diary. Please approach a member of the Year 4 staff if you require more ideas.

At this stage of their learning journey, children should still be practising key skills regularly, such as their number bonds to 10, and within 100, telling the time both on an analogue and digital clock, adding and subtracting 1 or 10 from any number plus multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.   Ensuring that your child is fluent with their multiplication tables is also incredibly beneficial for them. There are lots of ways that these facts can be practised; chanting, singing, games, apps, web sites or simply writing them out.

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